Just like the products on a shelf in the store, the purchasers of today buy only the best available product, at the best price, with the most attractive packaging to meet their needs.

Whether you are looking for help with one or two rooms, or the entire house, Stage Right! Home Staging has your solution!

In order to present a house with instant curb appeal, a defined function for each space, a welcoming ambience, a neutral environment, ample lighting, and a clutter free home, our services include:

  •  Selection and placement of furniture, artwork and accessories, including plants, linens, rugs, window treatments and lighting;

  •  Organizing and de-cluttering;

  • Moving and storing unnecessary furnishings in a garage or attic (or assisting with the temporary rental of storage space);

  •  Landscaping assessment;

  •  Third party referrals for painting, carpentry, plumbing, landscapers, handymen for repairs, etc.

Staging to Sell

The investment in staging your home for sale is less than your first price reduction.

Using a proven set of guidelines and techniques, we will prepare your home to sell fast and for top dollar. Depending on your needs and budget, we will provide you with solutions that will enhance the best features of your house while minimizing distractions and make your house an attractive product to the widest range of buyers. We make a room feel more spacious and organized so that your prospective buyers can see the space, not the “stuff!”

Buyers, agents & appraisers only know what they see – not the way it’s going to be!

Top 10 Priority List – During a scheduled appointment, we provide the homeowner and/or agent with a verbal consultation identifying the top 10 priority items the homeowner would use to showcase the home.

Detailed Property Report – Stage Right! Home Staging will visit your property for one to two hours and then provides a complete, detailed analysis of your home’s interior and exterior for the “Just tell me what to do—I’ll do it myself” home seller. The Detailed Property Report is a comprehensive list targeted to your specific property and is provided to the homeowner and/or agent that highlights, room-by-room, items that need to be edited, moved, and added by the homeowner. In addition, we can also offer a "hands-on" staging consultation; 2 hours of staging implementation instructions (a walk-thru) to assist you in the “do-it-yourself” process. Our ultimate goal is to make your house outshine the competition! We will leave you with instructions on how to easily put your house into "showing" condition each day it's on the market.

You will also be given a detailed listing of repairs or improvements that may be essential in the resale potential of your home.

After the recommendations are implemented, there is another visit to inspect and certify the home as Staged®.

We can do as little or as much as you would like.

Key Room Staging – Focusing on the “heart” of the home. Our Staging Solutions will provide furniture and accessories (as needed) for the following rooms: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom and all baths. We will leave you with instructions on how to easily put your house into "showing" condition each day it's on the market.

One for Fun! – Do you have one problem room that needs help? Are you interested in staging for sale, but you aren't ready to commit to staging your entire house? Let us stage one room in your home — decluttering, editing and rearranging, placing furniture and decorative items to turn your room into a showcase.

(This service is not available for rooms requiring the rental of large furniture.)

Detail your home like you detail your car.

Vacant Home Staging - We will devise a plan to put some personality into the house. We can provide rooms with vignettes or a fuller look if that is what is required. Homes show better furnished than empty and we can provide rental furniture, accessories and greenery that will bring added life to the empty spaces.

Whole Home Staging – Uses the Detailed Property Report and transfers it into action. Our team will implement the recommendations and supplement accessories. A bid will be presented to you for this level of service.

Each situation is unique. Free bid provided in person. Typical range: $2,500 to $6,500.


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